Git Commands That Make Life Easier


Version control is easy until you get something wrong or have to resolve merge conflicts. Luckily, my Perforce and Subversion days are largely behind me. Almost all packages at work have been migrated to Git, which means fewer headaches. I’ll give you two common problems and show you how I fix or avoid them. read more..

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Experimenting with flot.js, a flexible chart library


Ever since the introduction of the canvas element, generating charts has been one of it’s most common use cases. There are numerous javascript chart libraries, some of which are fairly mature. My experience of these libraries is that the default styling is pretty offensive but they are otherwise full of features.

So, having heard a lot about flot.js, I finally have a need to play with charts. In this overview we will take a look at whats possible in terms of functionality and custom styling read more..

Getting down with Fibonacci


For many Computer Science students, this generic programming problem will be familiar. However, a lot of front-end devs won’t have studied CS (I didn’t). I was asked to interview a CS undergraduate the other day and part of the process was to ask them to solve the following problem:

Write a function that returns the nth term of the Fibonacci sequence read more..

Quickest way to create a remote Git repository


Until recently, I hadn’t realised that I could create a remote git repo from the command line. I used to go to Github and create the repo in the browser, then initialise my local repo and make my first commit.

First, I’ll show you the how to create a remote repo solely from the command line, then we can introduce TextExpander and see how we can complete the whole process in a few seconds, without remembering and typing a whole bunch of commands. read more..

Patch a diff file in SVN


Just a quick tip that I picked up the other day. Without going in to too much detail about how we create individual development spaces within our SVN repository, I often need to create a diff file for all modified files within a particular directory and patch it to another.

We’ll talk about how to create diff files in SVN, how to apply a patch and a little about the ‘p level’ flag. read more..

Pixel perfect CSS3 buttons


For the most part, CSS3 properties mimic Photoshop’s layer style settings. This makes it fairly straight forward to recreate UI elements designed in Photoshop with pure CSS.

This is a quick overview of how to create CSS3 buttons with subtle pixel level detail. read more..